Computers & Technology:


Move out of the past and into the future with the help of the House Doctor


As a part of the wholistic approach to  remodeling, we will often recommend installing network wiring as a part of the project. This foresight adds the ability to add computer networking in the future. There was a time not too long ago that there was only one TV in a home. Now, it is not uncommon to have one in nearly every room. The future of the computer is similar and although wireless networking is now readily available and recommended for some installations and uses, the wired network is the most durable and secure. We can wire and set up your system to share files and printers with other computers in the house. In the future I foresee computer screens built in the wall as pictures showing a continuous slide show of  digital pictures. Music will be stored on the computer and distributed to networked computers throughout the house. The new systems will act like intercoms to connect the rooms with not only sound but live video to monitor the nursery or a teens party from the master bedroom. A networked computer will be located by the phone to store names addresses and phone numbers of family and friends. With the press of a key you will be able to phone, IM or e-mail a friend after the computer message center reminds you that it is their birthday. You will be able to not only look up a recipe on the computer in the kitchen but will be able to adjust it from serving 8 to a recipe serving 3 complete with the calorie count per serving. You will be able to jot notes for the grocery list which will be e-mailed to the grocery store so you can pick up your order at the drive-up window on the way home from work; assuming you have to leave the house to work. You will be able to shut down the network and internet for all but your computer at 10:00pm on school nights and will be able to monitor incoming and outgoing messages. None of these features are science fiction; they are all available now and it won't be long before they will be as commonplace as big screen TV.
We can set up a home network so you can share a high speed internet connection, printer and storage space with all the computers on the network. You can even IM your teen in their bedroom to let them know dinner is ready.

If you need additional storage space we can add additional hard drives to your computer or set up an additional computer for storage over a home network.

We can change slides, negatives or regular photographs into digital images storable on your computer. 

We can convert old records or tapes to digital files for a CD player or Mp3 files for the computer. 

Move yourself into the future of home technology with help from the House Doctor.