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At The House Doctor , we pride ourselves in personable, honest services to   home owners, wanting to make those special changes to their house to transform it into their home.
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When you call the House Doctor, you get the Doctor, not the intern, not the nurse, not the medic, but the Doctor with his knowledge, expertise, tools and experience!




In 1970 Dulany Sriner started Summertime Construction Co. to take up the summer vacation from a local grade school where he taught math and science to 7th and 8th graders. That was the beginning of his construction career. In 1976, Dulany F. Sriner, Owner, The House Doctor, checked out a house as a favor to a long time friend who was a real estate agent with a "queasy" client. This first inspection led to more inspections and eventually, to what is now known as the whole house inspection. This was the beginning of home inspections in Springfield. Home inspections became the prime directive within 10 years. Dulany Sriner better known as the House Doctor ( He says, "It was easier to spell") became synonymous with quality home inspections in Central Illinois. Through associations with Property Inspectors Training Institute and a now defunct National inspectors association, Sriner became associated with the American Society of Home Inspectors. After the extensive membership process which took almost two years, he was awarded full member status. He continued this membership and the required continuing education until 1995 when it became apparent that his membership became more of a liability than an asset and he dropped that association. In 1999 he helped form the new Central Illinois Professional Home Inspectors Association, CIPHIA. Now with the market flooded with inexperienced inspectors often willing to sacrifice quality for referrals he has returned to the construction business.

See credentials below.



The House Doctor 
Dulany F. Sriner, Owner/inspector
Contractor/builder 1983 - Present

House Doctor Services, Inc.
Dulany F. Sriner, president
 1987 - 200

Summertime Construction Co.
Dulany F. Sriner, owner
Contractor/builder 1970 -

Vice-President, Charter Member CIPHIA
Central Illinois Professional Home Inspectors Association 

Property Inspectors Training Institute - certificate, 10/86
American Real Estate Inspectors Society - Membership 1/1/86
ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors - '87-'95
ASHI - Tested and approved for membership 7/1/89

  • ASHI Training- Professional Techniques and Procedures:

    • November 1987, St. Louis, MO
    • January 1988, Orlando, FL
    • October 1988, St. Louis
    • January 1991, Phoenix, AZ
    • May 1991, St. Louis, MO
    • May 1992, St. Louis, MO
    • May 1993, St Louis, MO
    • April 1994, St. Louis, MO


  • EPA Radon Symposium, Denver, October 1988

  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources Radon Training, April 1990
  • Illinois Radon Measurement Certificate #RN191026 (expired, not renewed)


  • OSHA certified asbestos training:

    • ASHI Detroit, MI - July 1990
  • Environmental risk assessment:
    • ASHI course and exam, Indianapolis, IN - April 1991

Energy Conservation:

  • Certified Home Energy Rater,

    • Illinois Department of Natural Resources, April 1992



    Adult education instruction classes 

    • Springfield District 186 

      • Basic Home Maintenance
      • Building a room addition
      • House Anatomy


For those of you who are buying a home we offer some information regarding previous inspection services offered by the House Doctor. With the growing demands of the handyman services offered by the House Doctor, it became obvious that we couldn't provide both inspection services and construction/handyman services. So, we have discontinued the pre-purchase inspection service. Remnants of those services will be found on this web site for you to use to educate yourself  before contacting another inspector. I will still provide free phone consultation to past inspection clients. Good luck with your purchase. When you are ready to make that new purchase more your home, call us for an estimate. 

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