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The House Doctor - Beautifying the neighborhood one home at a time  

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A New Perspective On Home Remodeling!

Your home is your window to the world. From the outside, it shows the world who you are. Look at your house. How does the world see you? We can help you change that look!  

The inside of your home influences your health and well being. Is it full of light? Or is it dark and gloomy? Is it open or all closed up? Is it warm and cozy or cold and harsh? We can help you change that for a more comfortable environment for mind and body!

You view the world around you through your windows. Do you see a world of beauty? We can change the outside view to one of peace and tranquility!

These are all things to consider when you make changes to your home. A remodeling project is more than just boards and nails, paint and carpet. It could be a new you!

We offer a "Wholistic" approach to home repairs. We try to see the whole picture from the effects of color on your comfort to how certain materials effect allergies. We look at traffic and energy flow patterns as well as sound and light transmission. We try to give remodeling advice from multiple perspectives so you can make your decision based on expected outcome.

Dulany F. Sriner
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