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Above we can see over 35 years in the evolution of a home. Each change reflects a change in the lives of those living inside.

Welcome to a new perspective on remodeling 

Home remodeling should be considered an investment not an expense. Often times you get out more than you put in. The rewards will come in the form of added value at the time of sale but more than that, it results in a heightened comfort level as long as you live there. When you are looking to remodel, think about what you enjoy, what makes you feel good and incorporate than into the project. 

If someone asks you what you like to do, what is your answer? If you answer is related to vacations, you need to look more deeply. What about vacation makes you feel good? Is it really just doing nothing? If that is what you enjoy, then perhaps you need a "do-nothing" room, a room with comfortable couches and chairs and restful neutral colors. If you like to read, then a reading center might be just what you need. It should have good light and few distractions. If your idea of relaxation is a winter vacation to Florida or the tropics, what you might enjoy is a Florida room with lots of open glass for sunlight and a warm moist environment suitable for tropical plants to ease the winter blahs. Add a hot tub to the mix and you have an instant tropical getaway. 

Above you can see an example of a Florida room with a corner fishpond with a fountain. Skylights add even more light on a dreary winter day. Notice the use of natural wood contrasting with vibrant green foliage. The key here is light. Even on a cold January, the bright sunlight warms your inner being. In the summer, a tree shades the skylights and brings the life of summer inside. 

If your idea of fun is a relaxing night at home watching a movie, then perhaps a new media room would be to your liking. Here we need subdued lighting and comfortable seating. Surround sound is even more important than a big screen in my opinion. Add a small snack bar with a refrigerator for drinks and a microwave for popcorn and what more could you want?

If you are one of those families that gathers around the kitchen table, then the kitchen might be the place to start your remodel project. Perhaps opening the wall between the kitchen and dining room to expand the kitchen/dining room into one space would be just the ticket for an open gathering spot.

A lot of busy families are adding exercise rooms to their want-list. Master-bedroom suits complete with oversized bathrooms incorporating a spa or steam room are also becoming more popular as a get-away sanctuary.  The list goes on and on. 

Let us help you determine what kind of remodel you want and then how to incorporate it into your house. Don't move, improve!


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